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Hey there!
I made my final decision, not that it matters, but I going to be writing in English. Soon I'll have to do my FCE Exams and it will be a good exercise for me to practice my English. 
But, to get to the point, I ordered something from Sheinside.com : 

After being kinda obsessed with the whole American/Brittish flag trend, I decided to order this lovely sweater, which only costed me about 25 euro in total, free shipping and I had a discount code from 
her blog: www.simplyhopestyle.blogspot.com, which I follow for a while now and she keeps on suprising me with her awesome outfits:)
I can't wait for the package to arrive, so I can mix and match the garment like these pictures below, but I won't be wearing the thick sweater soon because the weather here is somehow amazing and sunny! I love wearing my summer wardrobe so I'll soon post another outfitpost. 


pictures from tumblr&weheartit

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  1. Aww thank you for mentioning me in your post!<3
    I really dig this trend:)