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Hi there!
For some reason I really like to surf to webshops, put everything I want into my basket and then I order nothing, simply because I don't have the money or because I don't want to. It's really reasonless to do that but it's kind of relaxing for me. When I see some cute stuff I really really want to buy, I just make a list of it and then I order it later or search for a good look a like while shopping at H&M or Zara. 
So, because I'm just trying out things, I decided to make a list of a bunch of cute webshops which I ordered something or dying to order from.

Fashionology.nl is a Dutch jewelry webshop with jewelry you won't find everywhere. I didn't order anything yet, because I'm really broke right now and saving all my money for the vacation, but I know someday I will definitely buy the wishbone or feather necklace. The prices may be a bit higher then other jewelry shops but the pieces look like they're really good quality.

You probably already heard of blackmilkclothing.com because it's a pretty well known webshop in the wonderful world of fashion. I didn't order anything from this site as well but the Galaxy Dress/legging and the cross legging are high on my wish-list, although I will need to do a little more saving because the prices are pretty high, but hey, the clothes they sell are gorgeous in my opinion. 

shop.monikapolitan.com is a really cute and affordable online shop, I really want to order the Smack on this Chanel pullover and the Johnny Moustache Body. They also have a huge collection of weird and funny sunglasses, accesoires/jewelry and vintage pieces. The prices aren't high and although I haven't order anything yet, I really want to. The girl behind the webshops also has a personal blog: blog.monikapolitan.com

musthavefashion.nl is a dutch webshop I discovered a few weeks ago, and I think the pieces are indeed musthave fashion. Most of the pieces of clothing she sells I could also see hanging in my very own closet, so I think that when I get money again (sorry about my complaining about being broke:( ), I want to place a order with for example the white Stars Blouse and the Snake Ring.

Of course I do order a lot at 'basic' shops like H&M, Forever 21 (because here aren't any F21 shops  yet), Zara and Mango, but I like the webshops above because they sell unique clothing, and sometimes I hate it when I see someone wearing the same piece of clothing as me. You can also see it as a compliment but I like to be unique. I'm still waiting for my order at sheinside.com, but I'll keep you updated.

Right now I'm trying hard not to fall to hard in love with a piece of clothing because, like I said, I have absolutely no money at the moment and I still have to save money for the vacation, which is almost here, because I do want to be able to shop when I'm in Croatia and The Hague:)

Did you guys have a nice Pentecost? 

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