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Hi there!
For some reason I really like to surf to webshops, put everything I want into my basket and then I order nothing, simply because I don't have the money or because I don't want to. It's really reasonless to do that but it's kind of relaxing for me. When I see some cute stuff I really really want to buy, I just make a list of it and then I order it later or search for a good look a like while shopping at H&M or Zara. 
So, because I'm just trying out things, I decided to make a list of a bunch of cute webshops which I ordered something or dying to order from.

Fashionology.nl is a Dutch jewelry webshop with jewelry you won't find everywhere. I didn't order anything yet, because I'm really broke right now and saving all my money for the vacation, but I know someday I will definitely buy the wishbone or feather necklace. The prices may be a bit higher then other jewelry shops but the pieces look like they're really good quality.

You probably already heard of blackmilkclothing.com because it's a pretty well known webshop in the wonderful world of fashion. I didn't order anything from this site as well but the Galaxy Dress/legging and the cross legging are high on my wish-list, although I will need to do a little more saving because the prices are pretty high, but hey, the clothes they sell are gorgeous in my opinion. 

shop.monikapolitan.com is a really cute and affordable online shop, I really want to order the Smack on this Chanel pullover and the Johnny Moustache Body. They also have a huge collection of weird and funny sunglasses, accesoires/jewelry and vintage pieces. The prices aren't high and although I haven't order anything yet, I really want to. The girl behind the webshops also has a personal blog: blog.monikapolitan.com

musthavefashion.nl is a dutch webshop I discovered a few weeks ago, and I think the pieces are indeed musthave fashion. Most of the pieces of clothing she sells I could also see hanging in my very own closet, so I think that when I get money again (sorry about my complaining about being broke:( ), I want to place a order with for example the white Stars Blouse and the Snake Ring.

Of course I do order a lot at 'basic' shops like H&M, Forever 21 (because here aren't any F21 shops  yet), Zara, Asos, Romwe and Mango, but I like the webshops above because they sell unique clothing, and sometimes I hate it when I see someone wearing the same piece of clothing as me. You can also see it as a compliment but I like to be unique. I'm still waiting for my order at sheinside.com, but I'll keep you updated.

Right now I'm trying hard not to fall to hard in love with a piece of clothing because, like I said, I have absolutely no money at the moment and I still have to save money for the vacation, which is almost here, because I do want to be able to shop when I'm in Croatia and The Hague:)

Did you guys have a nice Pentecost? 

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  1. Het ziet er nu al heel leuk uit.
    Zou je mij wilen volgen?

    Dan volg ik zoiezo terug

    - www.dearyas.blogspot.com

  2. musthavefashion is ook één van mijn favorieten :)

  3. lovely blog


  4. Leuk dat je een blog bent begonnen!
    Misschien kunnen we elkaar volgen?
    Liefs, Maruschka

    1. jou blog ziet er echt super profesioneel uit, ik volg je! en gefeliciteerd met je zwangerschap:)

  5. hayy, Echt een super blog heb je!
    Lijkt een beetje op de mijne :D
    haha, nee hoor jij bent iets professioneler.

    Ik volg je al <3
    Volg je terug ?