Winner Sans-Online Give-Away!

Hi there!
Right now I'm superbusy packing my bags again for another holiday, because next saterday I'll be leaving for a two week stay in Croatia! You may think: wutt, two vacations? But the reason behind this is, that my parents are divorced, so I'm going on a holiday twice.
I really hope I can make some posts in the time I'll be gone, but if I don't, I'm really sorry!

The winner of my Sans-Online give-away is Fashion Tiger! Congrats! I will send you the coupon as soon as I've recieved it.
Have a nice holiday!


Give-away Sans-Online!

Hi there
Like I promised you guys in my previous post, here's the give-away from Sans-online.nl! Sans-online is a webshop with brands like Vero Moda, Pieces, Vila, Jack & Jones, Object, Only and more! I think everyone shops at those stores every once in a while, so how great is it that you can order them online? With a few clicks the order will be delivered at your address within 24 hours, in your own size and style. And you can easily send them back if you want to! The webshop delivers to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Now I've got a surprise for you: one lucky winner will win a €25 voucher for Sans-online.nl! To take part in this give-away there are a few simple things you have to do:

1) Follow me with Google Friend Connect.
2) Comment below with your name and e-mailaddress.

If you want to have more chance to win, all you have to do is follow Sans-Online on twitter (https://twitter.com/#!/Sans_online) or/and like their facebook page (www.facebook.com/SansOnline) and put your twitter name/facebook name in the comment.
This give-away will end on Thursday the 19th of July, because this sunday I'll be leaving for vacation in Switserland, and I won't be back until Tuesday the 17th of July.

Good luck everyone!


New In + Upcoming Sans-Online Give-away!

Hi there!
I know it's been a long time since I posted a blog, but I was really busy doing the last final things for school. And now I can happily say: I'm free! For the next two months I'll have my summerholiday, full of going to the swimming pool, shopping, going on holiday and of course blogging!
The last months I did quite some shopping, and I wanted to show you guys my recently bought items.
The first jacket, with the red and white stripes is from Zara, and I was a present from my mom because I passed this year. The second  one was my brothers, but he doesn't want to wear it anymore. On the picture is looks like fake leather, but it isn't, it's more like black demin.

I really needed some new bikini's, and there's a huge sale at H&M, so I bought four random pieces, a black top, a white top, a striped bottom and a bottom with palm leaves on it, so I can mix and match with them. I think I paid around zeven euro for all of them, not much huh? The sunglasses are also from H&M, from the Fashion Against Aids collection, and it was also on sale for only three euro!
The legging/pants with the cartoon/aztec print is from H&M as well, it has a zipper on the back, I'll soon do an outfit post with it. The Arizona bottle is from Albert Heijn to go and I bought it at the train station. The drink wasn't really my type of drink but I tought the bottle was super cute so I'm using it as a small vase right now.
Hope you have a nice holiday!

P.S. stay tuned for a give-away from Sans-Online, they sell  adorable and affordable clothes from brands like Vero Moda, Vila, Pieces, Only and EDC by Esprit. Check out their webshop!


Aztec Pants and John Lennon Glasses

 Hi there!
This is what I wore on saturday, when I went into town with my mom:) The rest of the weekend was mainly studying, eating and preparing for the last four tests monday and tuesday... After that I'll be free for about two months, so I'll probably blog a lot more in the summer holiday. Well, summer... I don't think you can call this summer, more like autumn
Pants-Forever 21
 Top-Forever 21,
 Basic Top-H&M
Demin Jacket-H&M
Vogue Bag was with the vogue from this month:)
Accesoires-Forever 21, Ebay and H&M
I was trying out my moms camera (she found it back yay) and I took this picture of my brother and his friend, we were eating tosti's. A little random but I like it anyway:)
Btw, follow my tumblr: www.mimosae.tumblr.com (because I don't know how to make a link permanently on my blog...:$)

Are you going to watch the match Holland vs. Portugal tonight?


Wishlist | Ebay, Zara & H&M

My wishlist for june: 




I want to order something from Ebay soo bad! I've saved enough money for the vacation in my opinion, and I promised myself I can order something after testweek, which starts wednesday... These are some of the pieces I want to order, like the velvet legging and the shoes, oh the shoes. I'm superduper in love<3

Last week my mom bought me a Zara jacket which I wanted for a very long time, a little Chanel inspired. These three jackets would also look very good in my closet, but they're a little above my budget... I'm just gonna keep dreaming:) Don't you think they're perfect?


These pieces from H&M are also perfect, normally I'm not really into the whole floral print thing, but the bustier and the blouse are an exception. And I'm not the animal-print-kinda-girl either, but these shoes are just super cute don't you think?
This week I don't think I will be posting anything because of test week, but next week I'll try to make some time for the blog:)
P.S. did you guys see the ek game Holland-Danmark? Or any other match? 


Velvet Skirt and Demin Blouse

Hi there!
This sunday we went to my cousins birthday, so I decided to show my handmade skirt to my family. I made it a few months ago with my moms sewing machine. I got the idea of the velvet skirt from her blog and I think her diy's are supercute, I also made a bow from her blog. I'll soon post a diy with something because I've been very creative lately and right now I'm superbusy making my own Chanel inspired jacket: 

Of course mine will be a little more simple because I'm not a proffesional sewer:)
This is what I wore today.

The pictures aren't really clear, but that's because my mom's good camera is broke so she had to take the pictures with her iphone. I still feel a little uncomfortable and narcistic when taking pictures of my outfit, although I've only done it twice...:$
What I'm Wearing: 
Demin Blouse-H&M
Velvet Skirt-Handmade (the fabric is from the market)
Accesoires-Ebay and Forever 21.



My Favourite | Webshops

Hi there!
For some reason I really like to surf to webshops, put everything I want into my basket and then I order nothing, simply because I don't have the money or because I don't want to. It's really reasonless to do that but it's kind of relaxing for me. When I see some cute stuff I really really want to buy, I just make a list of it and then I order it later or search for a good look a like while shopping at H&M or Zara. 
So, because I'm just trying out things, I decided to make a list of a bunch of cute webshops which I ordered something or dying to order from.

Fashionology.nl is a Dutch jewelry webshop with jewelry you won't find everywhere. I didn't order anything yet, because I'm really broke right now and saving all my money for the vacation, but I know someday I will definitely buy the wishbone or feather necklace. The prices may be a bit higher then other jewelry shops but the pieces look like they're really good quality.

You probably already heard of blackmilkclothing.com because it's a pretty well known webshop in the wonderful world of fashion. I didn't order anything from this site as well but the Galaxy Dress/legging and the cross legging are high on my wish-list, although I will need to do a little more saving because the prices are pretty high, but hey, the clothes they sell are gorgeous in my opinion. 

shop.monikapolitan.com is a really cute and affordable online shop, I really want to order the Smack on this Chanel pullover and the Johnny Moustache Body. They also have a huge collection of weird and funny sunglasses, accesoires/jewelry and vintage pieces. The prices aren't high and although I haven't order anything yet, I really want to. The girl behind the webshops also has a personal blog: blog.monikapolitan.com

musthavefashion.nl is a dutch webshop I discovered a few weeks ago, and I think the pieces are indeed musthave fashion. Most of the pieces of clothing she sells I could also see hanging in my very own closet, so I think that when I get money again (sorry about my complaining about being broke:( ), I want to place a order with for example the white Stars Blouse and the Snake Ring.

Of course I do order a lot at 'basic' shops like H&M, Forever 21 (because here aren't any F21 shops  yet), Zara, Asos, Romwe and Mango, but I like the webshops above because they sell unique clothing, and sometimes I hate it when I see someone wearing the same piece of clothing as me. You can also see it as a compliment but I like to be unique. I'm still waiting for my order at sheinside.com, but I'll keep you updated.

Right now I'm trying hard not to fall to hard in love with a piece of clothing because, like I said, I have absolutely no money at the moment and I still have to save money for the vacation, which is almost here, because I do want to be able to shop when I'm in Croatia and The Hague:)

Did you guys have a nice Pentecost?