New In + Upcoming Sans-Online Give-away!

Hi there!
I know it's been a long time since I posted a blog, but I was really busy doing the last final things for school. And now I can happily say: I'm free! For the next two months I'll have my summerholiday, full of going to the swimming pool, shopping, going on holiday and of course blogging!
The last months I did quite some shopping, and I wanted to show you guys my recently bought items.
The first jacket, with the red and white stripes is from Zara, and I was a present from my mom because I passed this year. The second  one was my brothers, but he doesn't want to wear it anymore. On the picture is looks like fake leather, but it isn't, it's more like black demin.

I really needed some new bikini's, and there's a huge sale at H&M, so I bought four random pieces, a black top, a white top, a striped bottom and a bottom with palm leaves on it, so I can mix and match with them. I think I paid around zeven euro for all of them, not much huh? The sunglasses are also from H&M, from the Fashion Against Aids collection, and it was also on sale for only three euro!
The legging/pants with the cartoon/aztec print is from H&M as well, it has a zipper on the back, I'll soon do an outfit post with it. The Arizona bottle is from Albert Heijn to go and I bought it at the train station. The drink wasn't really my type of drink but I tought the bottle was super cute so I'm using it as a small vase right now.
Hope you have a nice holiday!

P.S. stay tuned for a give-away from Sans-Online, they sell  adorable and affordable clothes from brands like Vero Moda, Vila, Pieces, Only and EDC by Esprit. Check out their webshop!

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  1. leuke bikini's!
    Misschien kunnen we elkaar volgen?



  2. Love the post, you're very creative!
    Visit my blog :)

  3. love the bikini and sunnies!!!