Wishlist | Ebay, Zara & H&M

My wishlist for june: 




I want to order something from Ebay soo bad! I've saved enough money for the vacation in my opinion, and I promised myself I can order something after testweek, which starts wednesday... These are some of the pieces I want to order, like the velvet legging and the shoes, oh the shoes. I'm superduper in love<3

Last week my mom bought me a Zara jacket which I wanted for a very long time, a little Chanel inspired. These three jackets would also look very good in my closet, but they're a little above my budget... I'm just gonna keep dreaming:) Don't you think they're perfect?


These pieces from H&M are also perfect, normally I'm not really into the whole floral print thing, but the bustier and the blouse are an exception. And I'm not the animal-print-kinda-girl either, but these shoes are just super cute don't you think?
This week I don't think I will be posting anything because of test week, but next week I'll try to make some time for the blog:)
P.S. did you guys see the ek game Holland-Danmark? Or any other match? 

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  1. Ooo you've got some good picks here! They're making me itch to go online shopping!

  2. love everything!

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  3. oh die palm print blouse van de h&m is zo leuk en die legging van ebay! ik volg je nu :)

  4. those YSL-like rings, jelly bags and leggings are all in my wishlist too! wish I could have everything haha.